Psychological Coaching

Gain wellness through psychological coaching.

Talk and behavioral therapy techniques lay the foundation of your mental support for a stable psyche.

Coaching, as well as classic behavioral therapy, is a situational process. A concrete personal, professional or health concern is reflected in our professional guidance. During coaching, we try to work on finding new perspectives in order to manage your needs or find new solutions for them. We work on uncovering these new perspectives and help you to set priorities. Through the reflection during coaching, you gain new insights into yourself, which makes it easier for you to find a coherent position and to develop a toolkit to build up new skills. This will drive your “personal growth” and lighten the load of dealing with difficult situations.

Psychological therapy for mental growth and personal discovery

Psychological Diagnosis

Our expert operates on the basis of a structured case history with a focus on the psycho-social field. These findings are the foundations for an individual therapeutic plan

Burnout + Stress Management

Stress is a disease of civilization – we teach techniques to deal with stress, chronic fatigue syndrome or burnout. For more stress resistance, resilience and work-life balance

Intervention During Personal Crises

In order to manage conflicts you always need new perspectives, as well as a knowledge of your own resources – we convey these to you

Depression + Anxiety

Early diagnosis and treatment are important for both diseases. Through the spectrum of behavioral therapy our highly qualified expert can accompany you on your way

Strenghten Your Self-Healing

Vitality through conscientious and careful handling of oneself – we provide ways to improve resilience and strengthened mental strength and inner balance. Use your own healing power

Disease Management

Physical disorders lead to psychological stress – directing you to and focusing on usable resources are central to psychological coaching.
For a new place in life

Mindfullness Training

Relaxation is learnable – we teach techniques on the neural, physical and psychological levels with the help of Progressive Relaxation and Autogenous Training. For more serenity, satisfaction and well-being

Motivational Coaching

Activate your potential – we coach you through mental training for higher motivation, assertiveness, decision-making and competence in problem solving. For more positive energy and personal success