Nutritional Guidance

Get trim and healthy with a personalised medical nutrition program.

Nutritional medical research, hormonal balance and metabolic type form the basis of your individualised nutritional support for a greater vitality.

Good and healthy nutrition is an important requirement for mental and physical wellbeing. This way the body receives proper sustenance in the correct amounts to maintain or rebuild its vitality. Every person, based on their biology, has their own individual requirements in terms of rhythm, needs and preferences. My goal is to bridge the gap between the medical findings from a base examination of your metabolism, optimising your vitality and strength, and your lifestyle, for example, your life goals. In the case of a concrete illness, we will create a specific nutrition plan with you, based on your individual needs.

Personalized nutritional guidance at a medical standard


Nutrition Plan

Our experts create your very own plan – medically and scientifically founded, individually tailored to your body and your living conditions. Healthy, revitalizing and very much enjoyable


Weight Reduction

Lose weight easier – each metabolism reacts differently to the reduction of food. Individual analysis in combination with close-knit support is the foundation to help you cope with the often rocky path to change


Nutrition for High Cholesterol

The right fats are important – we will help you determine the right fats for your body with the highest nutritional value. This will help you to prevent subsequent illnesses


Nurtition for Dietary Intolerances

So you do not feel like you are allowed to eat anything, let us give you a clear overview of the nutritional possibilities beyond your intolerance, learn recipes that will not take the fun out of eating


Nutrition for Athletic Competition

Use healthy nutrition to optimally support your muscle structure and tendons, as well as inner strength and your heart with an optimal mineral and vitamin supply


Nutrition for Increased Vitality

Nutrition is an important prerequisite for mental and physical fitness. A good energy supply offers optimal support for muscle tone, strength and your immune system