Personal Health Status

Your checkup establishes your personal health status.

A detailed medical history, device diagnostics, performance diagnostics and laboratory analyses form the basis for an individualized structure to enhance your wellbeing.

Our heartbeat dictates the flow and rhythm of our lives. For this simple reason, cardiological screening gains a particular importance. With persistent care and a connection to the basic elements of life we have the opportunity to maintain our health and fitness into old age. After a comprehensive check of your medical history, as well as laboratory analysis of your current condition, I will hold a detailed discussion with you to explain your results and explain your current health status. An understanding of the current state of your health allows us to prognose any particular risks or developments that then can be corrected, often through simple means, in a timely manner. This will take place in an at least half hour “holistic” consultation. In the spirit of coaching, we can develop a plan through which my team and I will guide you on your way to achieving your monthly goals. In the case of acute illness, we will discuss in detail potential treatment options as well as potential differential diagnoses.

Holsitic treatment through a cardiological internal checkup


Laboratory Analyses

It’s in your blood – the function of your organs, prevention markers such as cholesterol, glucose, lipoprotein a, uric acid can all be seen with modern laboratory diagnostics. This forms the basis of a holistic analysis.



The heart is the motor of life – with the use of sonography, the size and function of the heart muscle can be detailed. This method is used to reliably diagnose all heart valve diseases


Exercise ECG/Stress Testing

Coronary heart disease has the highest mortality rate in Europe – under maximum exertion the blood circulation of the heart muscle or different cardiac arrhythmias can be evaluated with the goal of eliminating coronary heart disease


Longterm ECG Monitoring

An unobtrusive companion – the heart rhythm is discreetly recorded over 24-72 hours and evaluated by us every second. As a result, symptom-free cardiac arrhythmias can be detected or existing symptoms can be designated.


Thyroid Sonography

In Germany, thyroid disease is increasing, especially in women. The thyroid gland can be excellently evaluated with ultrasound diagnostics regarding the size or elimination of node formations in the case of a precautionary examination


Abdominal Sonography

Prevention through gentle diagnostics – the ultrasound is an ideal imaging diagnostic tool for the assessment of soft tissue organs such as the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and bladder as well as the blood supply to the organs. Suitable as an examination for cancer prevention


Cervical Vessel Duplex/Sonographie

Nicotine abuse or hypercholesterolemia influence our cervical vessels – sonography determines vascular health, atherosclerosis and flow conditions of these vessels. To decrease the risk of stroke


Lung Function/Spirometry Testing

The breath flow lets it show – we measure pulmonary and respiratory capacity to diagnose diseases of the respiratory tract such as Asthma Bronchial or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Suitable for monitoring treatment outcomes


Long-term Bloodpressure Monitoring

Life and lifestyle are reflected in our blood pressure – with the help of a 24-hour measurement, blood pressure behavior can be observed during the normal sequence of the day, and not just in the control of optimal conditions


Medical Support

The management of your health – I accompany you for months and years: on the way to optimally maintaining your health and also as a guide to the interdisciplinary health system. For a holistic medicine