My Concept

Lifestyle and Health

Coronary heart disease, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus, obesity and stress are only a few examples of the collection pathogenic mechanisms of our time.

Our living circumstances have changed markedly in the last decades. Physical activity keeps decreasing and our activities in the office as well as in our leisure time have become predominantly sedentary. “Nutritional failings” are rife, rarely do we eat or cook conscientiously. At our practice, we don’t want to only influence isolated behaviours, rather, we hope to build a customized lifestyle modification using our method built upon four core principles.

To this end, I establish your base health status, and we work cooperatively to establish your goals and build an individualized nutrition and fitness program. My goal is to promote health and wellbeing by building up your physical resources. Your increased vitality and physical awareness will also bring you increased happiness.

My concept is build upon 4 pillars

Health Status

A detailed internal and cardiological evaluation is the foundation of my method. It allows me to define strengths and weaknesses. In the case that further specialties are needed, I work closely with a network of experts and specialists. Together we develop a blueprint, designed around your lifestyle and ideals, to maintain and optimize your health and vitality.

Nutritional Guidance

Good and healthy nutrition is an important requirement for mental and physical wellbeing. My team’s nutritionist and I will advise you to improve your diet through simple means. In the case of serious illness, we construct an individualised nutrition plan which will help you to optimally support your body’s needs and enjoy your food.

Psychological Coaching

I approach psychological coaching very personally. I look to find individualised solutions to your personal concerns. The approach can then be developed together with our behavioral specialist, under my supervision, in either the context of personal coaching or also as deeper personal therapy.

Assisted Training

We create tailor-made training sessions with you on the basis of strength and endurance training and yoga. We help you to find the right sport or exercise style, support you in the creation of realistic training goals, and offer you monitoring and milestones for your training regiment.