Marie-Therese Reichert

Nutrition Scientist

Since 2017, I have been working with the team at Privatkardiologie in nutrition therapy. I specialize in nutritional therapy for malnutrition with an emphasis on oncological cases. I also supervise company health management with courses, lectures and in health days. Since 2012, I have been certified as a nutrition consultant by the professional association Oecotrophologie VDOe. In 2011 I successfully completed my studies of nutritional sciences at the University of Vienna.


Nutritional Therapy

 Through continuing education, I have qualifications in eating disorders, nutritional deficiencies in the context of oncological diseases, intolerances, and weight reduction


Nutritional Calculations and Nutrition Plans

As part of my work, I have created a variety of nutritional values and nutritional plans. It is important to me to integrate diet into your individual day to day while the joy of food is maintained


A Healthy and Energising Diet

My dietary advice is based on a healthy, vitalizing diet. Food consumption means nutrient intake for our bodies. When this is individualized and conscientious, it increases our energy and vitality


Nutrition for Body and Soul

Nutrition is vital to our physical and mental well-being. My focus is on mindfulness and awareness of a healthy, responsible diet that is in harmony with ourselves and our environment

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