Jörg Lehnigk

Sports Scientist

I have worked as a sports scientist since 2012 with an emphasis on performance diagnostics.  My primary goals are to motivate people through sport and to make patients healthier, in addition to enhancing their performance. Sport, and above all rowing sports, have been a source of inspiration for me since I was 10 years old. In order to know exactly how the body responded to movement through endurance, strength and coordination, I have completed the degree course in sports science at the University of Hamburg.


Competitive and Recreational Sport

Running, biking and cross-country skiing are the sports that inspire me most, after rowing. I have participated in numerous competitions in these sports


Sport for Diseases

In addition to performance-oriented sports, I am keen to train patients with cardiac diseases and metabolic disorders. In the future, I would like to extend my training offering to patients with mental illnesses such as depression


Sports Science

Based of scientifically founded training methods, I tailor my training to the individual’s needs, in order to understand exactly how physical training works positively on the body and it’s structure


Competitive Sport

At the age of 18 my ten year international career in rowing began. My biggest successes were participating in the Olympic Games in Sydney and Beijing as well as various medals and world championships

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